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Our Story

There comes a time in life where one wants to settle down on a small piece of land and immerse themselves in the glory of nature.  To live with our animals and support nature for growth and renewal.  It is not easy, but more gratifying than any endeavor we have ever known.

About our farm

Our farm is located in Culpeper County Virginia, just a few miles east of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Every sunset is a sight to behold which we do not take for granted.

Our farm is home to horses, dogs, chickens, ducks, quail, and bees.  Many are rescues, and many we have raised since babies.  We grow hay, produce, and have planted an orchard.  We plant an average of three new trees a year and not sure if we will ever stop planting them.  We are returning some of the land back to nature to allow birds and native plants a chance to prosper.  

We focus on responsible farming practices and adapting ourselves to the land.  We use no pesticides and focus on organics.  Compost is our best friend. 

Mother Nature will teach you two things, patience and tough love. 

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